Virginia Retirement System Durable Power of Attorney

Virginia Retirement System Durable Power of Attorney allots the rights to carry out transactions pertaining to making benefit selections, filing applications, and designating beneficiaries at Virginia Retirement System. Power of Attorney sanctions the right to the agent to act on behalf of the Principle in the incapacity of the Principle to manage business affairs or property due to impairment or any other reason. VRS Durable Power of Attorney peculiarly allots the rights to perform transactions and actions within the architecture of VRS matters only.

This power of attorney expires immediately upon the death of the Principle and is not in force anymore. VRS Durable Power Of Attorney filed with the Virginia Retirement System, P.O. Box 2500, Richmond, Virginia 23218-2500 is revocable and cancellable. However, the Principle has to take further action to revoke and / or transfer and / or cancel the Power of Attorney. Filling out the checklist on page number 5 of VRS-901 form is very necessary before filing the Power of Attorney with the authorities. Guidelines by Code of Virginia govern the nature of decisions associated with retirement options and the purview of actions taken thereof.

How to Fill the Virginia Retirement System Durable Power of Attorney

Enter Social Security Number and Home Phone Number in the uppermost part of VRS-901. Write the name of the Principle; along with the street address, city name, county and state / commonwealth name in Part A. Designation Of Agent For Matters Regarding VRS. Then write Agent’s name, address, and phone number in the space allocated.

Part B. Designation of Successor Agent/s seeks the name, address, and phone number of Successor Agent/s in case the Principle needs during the inability or unwillingness of the Agent to perform as necessitated. Virginia Retirement System permits the appointment of first and second Successor Agents through signing the VRS-901.

Write Social Security Number in the space allotted on the upper right portion of page II of the VRS-901. Part C. Grant of the General Authority for Matters Regarding VRS provides the scopes of the functions and plans as directed by the Virginia Retirement System under the Uniform Power of Attorney Act, VA. Code # 64.2-1636. Select the appropriate and applicable options from Part D. Grant of Specific Authority for Matters Regarding VRS. Part E. Reliance on This Power Of Attorney specifies the conditions of validity of the Power of Attorney.

Part F. Principal Signature and Acknowledgement has two portions. The first portion has space for Principle’s signature, typed or printed name, daytime phone number, and date of execution of VRS-901, the VRS Durable Power Of Attorney. Certificate of Acknowledgement from the second portion requires inputs from the VA Notary Public about City name, State/ Commonwealth name, date of execution, date of commission expiry, along with the signature and Registration Number of VA Notary Public.

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