Texas General Durable Power of Attorney Form

The Texas General Durable Power of Attorney Form is used when you want to appoint an attorney-in-fact or agent to make decisions related to your real or personal property or any business transactions on your behalf. This durable power of attorney comes in effect immediately after signing this document or otherwise specified in this form. If you have any doubts or questions kindly consult an Texas Attorney or Lawyer.

How to Fill the Texas General Durable Power of Attorney Form

Insert the full name and complete address of the grantor followed by the full name and the complete address of the attorney-in-fact confirming the grant of the power. After that, the principal needs to place their initials before the option they wish to choose from the list of sectors of the grantors life which also include; Real Property Transactions, Tangible personal property transactions, stock and bond transactions, commodity and option transactions,  Banking and other financial institution transactions, Business operating transactions, insurance and annuity transactions, estate, trust and other beneficiary transactions, claims, and litigation, personal and family maintenance, Benefits from Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, or other governmental programs, or military service, retirement plan transactions, tax matters or all of the powers listed above.

In the next section, mention any special instructions that you wish to convey to the agent. This power shall take effect immediately and shall continue even if the principal has become disabled, incapacitated or incompetent and shall end with the demise of the grantor or if it is revoked. After that the authorities to delegate, the right to compensation and the details of the successor agent (if any) are stated.

In the end, the document needs to be dated and signed by the principal certifying that they are in sound and sober state of mind and that they are willingly transferring the power/s. After that the document needs to be notarized by the Notary Public, the agent needs to sign the acknowledgement and the name and signature of the person who prepared this document also needs to be stated.

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Texas General Durable Power of Attorney Form

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Texas General Durable Power of Attorney Form