Ohio Power of Attorney Revocation Form

When you want to revoke the rights any previous Power of Attorney Agents’s you might have appointed you would have to use this Revocation Form and submit it to any institutions or organizations which have your previous power of attorney documents with them. For example if you might have made a Durable Power of Attorney to manage your bank accounts and now you want to revoke it you will have to submit this Revocation form to the Bank institution.

How to Fill the Ohio Power of Attorney Revocation Form

Start the form with the full and legal name (first, middle, last) of the principal who transferred the powers followed by their complete address with the zip code, certifies that the principal revokes any and all powers given to the attorney or agent who represented or acted on the principal’s behalf in relation to any matter be it in the past. It also states that a photocopy of this revocation power of attorney form is to be considered as a ‘duplicate original’ of the aforementioned revocation power of attorney and should be considered equally original.

The principal needs to sign verifying that he had willfully transferred the power to the given attorney-in-fact and he is now taking or revoking it back for any given reason and that the attorney-in-fact shall not hold any powers to represent him or take decisions on behalf of him in any matters.

This document needs to be notarized by and filled in front of the Notary Public followed by the signatures of two witnesses along with their full and legal names and complete address with the zip codes, certify that the given principal has appeared before them and decides to revoke the powers in a sound and sober state of mind.

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Ohio Power of Attorney Revocation Form

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Ohio Power of Attorney Revocation Form