Nevada motor vehicle power of attorney form

The Nevada motor vehicle power of attorney form is used when you want someone else to act on your behalf for the purpose of transferring the title of the said vehicle to someone else. This form can only be used in the state of Nevada.

How to Fill the Nevada motor vehicle power of attorney form

To understand and fill the POA form for motor vehicle in the state of Nevada, follow the steps given below: – To begin with, the address and contact details of DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles) on the right hand corner of the document is where this document needs to be submitted.

In the main form, mention the legally registered name (full, middle, last) of the person who owns the concerned vehicle which must be followed by the name of the county and state where they reside.

After that, provide a complete description of the vehicle in detail. This should include the year in which it was made, make of the vehicle, the model of the vehicle, the identification number of the vehicle (VIN), etc!

Followed by that also provide the complete name, county & state of the person the owner wishes to appoint as the agent. By doing so they acknowledge the fact that they hereby appoint the aforementioned individual to represent them in matters related to the given vehicle which is limited to the transfer of the title of it. By giving them the power of attorney, the owner also gives them full authority to perform any act as per their wish which is in the best interest of the owner in all the matters related to the vehicle.

As mentioned on the form, this document cannot be used to disclose the reading of the odometer and a different document will be required for the same.

Lastly, all the personal details of the agent which must include their full name (first, middle, last), physical and mailing address along with the city, state, zip code and in the end this document must be notarized by the notary public for legal purposes.

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Nevada motor vehicle power of attorney form

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Nevada motor vehicle power of attorney form