Florida Durable Power of Attorney Form

This Florida Durable Power of Attorney form is used when you want to appoint another person as your Attorney-in-Fact, who will be given the responsibility to take decisions on your behalf. Using this Durable power of attorney form you can appoint either one or two agents to act as your Attorney-in-Fact, who will take decisions on your behalf for the following matters.

How to fill this Florida Durable Power of Attorney Form?

In the first section, you must fill in your name (the principal) and the names of both your Attorney-in-Fact, do note that both these Attorney-in-Fact can act independently of each other. Your Attorney-in-Fact will represent you various matters which are enumerated in 709.08 Florida Statues.

You Attorney-in-Fact can pursue litigation or administrative proceedings on your behalf. He/she can enter upon and take possession of any land, or real estate or structures that are in your possession. They can ask, collect, or even sue for any rent, profits issues and income that arise from these said properties. Your attorney in Attorney-in-Fact can take decisions on your behalf related to multiple aspects of properties that you own like, applying for a Certificate of Title, Procuring, changing or canceling insurance, suing for or collecting goods stored on the premises.

The Attorney-in-Fact also has access to any safe deposit boxes rented by you, and he/she can remove all or any part of the contents of the safe deposit box. They are authorized to pay bills on your behalf, to buy or sell any public or private property on your behalf. To execute all income tax and other Federal, state or local tax returns, appoint a guardian or guardians for your estate.

Also, you must understand that pursuant to HIPAA you are authorizing your Attorney-in-Fact to request and receive any information regarding your physical or mental health. You are also giving your Attorney-in-Fact authority relating to your Bank operations.

The last part of this Florida durable financial power of attorney form is reserved for the signatures and the acknowledgment by the notary public. In this section you must enter the following details; your signature under the blank for the principal and the names of two witnesses. The Notary Public must add details like the county, the date and his stamp and seal.

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