Delaware Durable Power of Attorney Form

By signing The Delaware Durable Power of Attorney Form you as the principal are giving another person you designate (The Agent) broad authority to handle your property. The authority may include selling, disposing or encumber your real or personal property without any notice or approval by you.

The exact powers and duties of an Agent are explained in more detail in Delaware Code, Title 12, Chapter 49A.

 How to Fill the Delaware Durable Power of Attorney Form

Begin the document by reading the notice given which explains the powers that are, can or maybe allotted to the agent. It also explains the rules and regulations that are to be followed by the agent. The Principal has to place their signature at the end of the notice acknowledging it.

In the next segment, the main form begins with the procedure of what all can be filled in the form followed by the full name of the principal (first, middle, last). After that the complete details of the agent are required which must include their full and legal name (first, middle, last), complete address with the zip code & their phone number. If there are any successor agents then their details such as full name, address & phone number would also be required.

After that, the principal has to choose if the agents will be successive one after the other, act concurrently independent from each other or act jointly with each other. Followed by that the principal also has to decide whether the power of attorney shall be effective immediately or would it be effective after the principal is incapacitated.

In the next section, the principal must choose the sectors or categories in which they would like the agent to hold the general authority. The principal has to place their initials besides the category to confirm it followed by the list of powers which grant the agent specific authority in the next segment wherein the principal must choose from the list by placing their initials next to it.

If the principal has executed any power of attorney in the past which relates to or is covered in this document as well then they must specify if that power would still remain in effect or should be revoked.

In the last segment, the document must be signed first by the principal along with their full name followed by the signature of the witness. This document also has to be notarized by the notary public for legal purposes.

Below that a statement mentioning all the duties, liabilities, terms and conditions of / for the agent are specified followed by a certification which needs to be signed by the agent acknowledging it.

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Delaware Durable Power of Attorney Form