Kintetsu World Express Customs Power of Attorney Form

When Kintetsu World Express is chosen as your Customs broker or agent you need to use this power of attorney form to legally appoint Kintetsu World Express as your Customs Broker to manage and take actions which may be required during the customs process while importing or exporting any merchandise.

How to Fill the Kintetsu World Express Customs Power of Attorney Form

Before you begin with the form read the instructions given at the end of the document carefully to understand the form better.

Begin the form by stating the IRS # (Internal Revenue Service) or SSN (Social Security Number) followed by the customer bond number and then choose what kind of formation does your company hold Individual, Partnership, Corporation / LLC (limited liability company) or sole proprietorship. Also provide your C.PAT status and if yes then provide your C.PAT member SVI number.

Next, provide the full and legally registered name of either the company along with the state under whose they are operating their business or the name of the individual along with the status of their firm and their full residence address followed by the complete business office address with the city, state & zip code.

Now, you will see multiple authorities that the agent shall be entitled to; it also states a detailed description about them along with how to perform them, when and where can they be used, what are limited to and the laws governing the same.

Lastly, provide the legally registered name (first, middle, last) of the person who is officially authorized to enforce such powers and holds the authority to sign such documents followed by their signature. Also, provide the title they hold in the company along with the present date on which this power is being executed and the name of a witness (if required). The document also has to be attested with the corporate seal of the company. It is also important to note that once you have thoroughly filled the document fax this POA to “KWE Brokerage HQ”.

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Kintetsu World Express Customs Power of Attorney Form

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Kintetsu World Express Customs Power of Attorney Form