General Customs Power of Attorney Form

General Customs Power of Attorney Form is to be used as a general template for drafting your own Customs Power of Attorney Forms which is used by merchants, importers, exporters or individuals to authorize a customs broker the responsibility of handling the customs process which may be required during importing or exporting of merchandises.

How to Fill the General Customs Power of Attorney Form

Begin providing details for this general customs power of attorney for by providing the ID# which can either be IRS (Internal Revenue Service) or SSN (Social Security Number) which every is applicable and then choose options you see on the right hand side of the form, these define the present formation of the company in the market.

Then enter the full and legal name of either the registered company along with the name of the state under whose laws they conduct their business or the name of the individual along with the kind of formation the company is having along with their residential address followed by the complete address of the business premises where the same is being conducted including the city, state & zip code.

In the very next blank field, mention the full and legal names of every agent they have appointed here (first, middle, last) which is then followed by a set of multiple powers that they hold, how can they use them, where can they be used, on whom can the same be used or till what extent can these be used along with the laws governing these powers. Make sure to have a clear look over all the points mentioned there to avoid any discrepancies in future.

After that, provide the full name of person who is legally authorized to execute this POA and sign the necessary documents related to it and then their signature along with the title they hold in the company, the date on which this document is being executed and lastly the name of the witness (if required). This document also needs to be attested by the corporate seal of the aforementioned company.

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General Customs Power of Attorney Form

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General Customs Power of Attorney Form