Deringer Customs Power of Attorney Form

Deringer Customs Power of Attorney Form is a template of the Deringer Custom brokers template for power of attorney form. This Customs Power of Attorney Form is used when you want Deringer to be your attorney-in-fact when shipping, transporting, importing or exporting any merchandise. You may find more forms at their website at

How to Fill the Deringer Customs Power of Attorney Form

Before you begin filling the form, make sure to read the detailed steps which shall help you understand every step of the form.

Begin the form by entering the IRS # (Internal Revenue Service) or the social security number (SSN) whichever is applicable of the importer on the left-hand side of the form followed by choosing the type of business you run or rather the status of your company from the options Individual, Partnership, Corporation, Sole Proprietorship Or Limited Liability Company on the right-hand side of the form.

Then provide the full and legally registered name of the company or individual (whichever applicable) followed by again providing the status of the company, the name of the state under whose laws the company operates and the complete address including the city, state & zip code from where the company operates.

After that, detailed descriptions of the powers that are vested in the agent are mentioned along with the laws under which they are to be performed.

In the field below that, provide the full and legal name of the person who would be and has the authority to sign this document followed by their signature, title, the date on which the power of attorney is being granted and lastly, if required then the name and signature of a witness.

This document also has to be notarized by the Notary Public which is then followed by a corporate certification which needs to be filled only if asked to do so and with the details as indicated on the form.

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Deringer Customs Power of Attorney Form

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Deringer Customs Power of Attorney Form