Connecticut Taxpayer Power of Attorney Form

Form number LGL-001, better known as the Connecticut Taxpayer Power of Attorney Form is a form which needs to be filled by a person who wishes to give someone else the right to handle their tax filing. This form is valid only in the State of Connecticut. It is ideal to choose someone who has experience handling tax filing such as an accountant, CPA or an attorney. By filling and signing this form the person agrees to delegate various powers to the agent. These powers include the power to file returns, receive checks, execute waivers, delegate authority and sign returns.

How to Fill the Connecticut Taxpayer Power of Attorney Form

The start of the form deals with the details of the person who is giving a Power of Attorney to another person. Details such as the name of the taxpayer and the name of their spouse need to be filled in along with their complete mailing address. On the right side of the form, one needs to fill in their social security number, their spouse’s social security number, the Connecticut tax registration number and their federal employer identification number.
The latter section of part 1 of the form has a number of checkboxes and you need to choose the relevant one for example, if one is a corporation, partnership, sole proprietorship, trust, estate and individual etc.

The next section of the form is a declaration of the person giving the power of attorney to another person and also describes which powers would be given. The various powers which can be passed on by giving a power of attorney are listed out with checkboxes to their left. The powers which the taxpayer wishes to pass on can be selected by ticking the relevant checkboxes. The taxpayer or their representative has to sign a declaration under the checkboxes which states that they have examined the document and all the information provided is true to the best of their knowledge. The taxpayer has to write their name, title and the date on the day of signing the form.

The last part of the form deals with the information regarding the person to whom the power of attorney is given. Their name, address and phone number must be mentioned along with the type of tax and the duration for which the power of attorney would be valid.

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Connecticut Taxpayer Power of Attorney Form