California Citibank Special Power of Attorney Form

The California Citibank Special Power of Attorney Form is used by an Account Citibank Holder to appoint an agent who may transact, manage the account or perform actions which the account holder can perform himself. This is a very important and serious power of attorney and must be completely read before you appoint anyone as your agent, the agent you appoint must also be someone who you trust as he has the rights to manage your account legally.

The agent may borrow funds, withdraw funds, deposit funds in and from your account as long as the Power of Attorney is in effect. This power of attorney is only valid in the California State and the said branch of Citibank.

How to Fill the California Citibank Special Power of Attorney Form

The document is divided into two parts; notice and form. One must begin by reading and understanding the notice carefully which contains a detailed description of the consequences of giving & taking of such power. After which the same must be signed by the agent, accepting the responsibilities.

Next, in the main form, the full and legal name (first, middle, last) & the complete address with the zip code of the principal, if it’s a joint account then similar details of the other individual must also be given followed by the full name and complete address of the agent is required to be stated certifying the transfer of powers.

In the next sections, the authorities that the agent is entitled to use is given, which generally include; banking activities, borrowing activities, retirement plan services, safe deposit box & if there are any other authorities that the principal may wish to give, can also be stated.

Lastly, the document must be signed by the agent/s followed by the signature of the principal and then the two witnesses.

This document also needs to be notarized which if, is being signed within the United States or Puerto Rico, it must be acknowledged before a Notary Public. If it is being signed elsewhere, it may be acknowledged before a Consul or Vice–Consul of the United States, or before any official authorized to take acknowledgements and then submitted to a Consul for validation.

If the principal wishes to revoke any powers which might be related to this, then they may do so by providing the details of the same in the end of the form.

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California Citibank Special Power of Attorney Form