Arizona Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

The Arizona Revocation of Power of Attorney form is to be used when you want to revoke or cancel any Power of Attorney forms you might have previously made. This form needs to be notarized and submitted to any or all the financial, medial or any other organizations where you or your previous agent/attorney-in-fact might have submitted the previous power of attorney forms. This ensures that your previous power of attorney’s have no effect and your agents no longer posses the powers or authorizations to make decisions on your behalf. This form is a generalized form and may be used in other states too provided the state does not have a specific format of its own.

How to Fill the Arizona Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

The form begins with the instructions on how to fill and where to submit the form followed by the original form itself. The form needs to be filled with the full and legal name of the principal (first, middle, last) along with the complete address with the zip code along with the DOB (MM/DD/YY). After that the same details of the attorney-in-fact needs to be stated in the same format including the full and legal name, complete address and the date of birth.

In the next section, the full name of the principal, the complete address including the county, state and the zip code and the present date certifying the revocation of the powers given to the attorney-in-fact followed by his full name confirming that henceforth, the given agent no longer has the powers to act on behalf of them.

Lastly, the principal needs to sign the document along with the present date. This document also needs to be signed by a witness including their full name and complete address. After that is done this form also needs to be notarized by a Notary Public for it to be considered legal.

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Arizona Revocation of Power of Attorney Form

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Arizona Revocation of Power of Attorney Form


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